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Welcome to California Firewood!

For over 50 years, California Firewood has been serving San Diego with the largest selection of seasoned firewood at reasonable prices. Established during the Beatles era in the early 1960s, California Firewood has been successfully operated and family owned for over half a century. One of the few businesses that supported Spring Valley when the city was just starting out, California Firewood remained as a permanent fixture during the city’s growth.

California Firewood’s selection of individual woods include; pine, piñon pine, eucalyptus, almond, avocado, red oak, white oak, and mesquite. We offer popular wood pairings such as: oak & piñon, oak & almond, oak & pine, almond & pine, and pine & eucalyptus. In addition to blends, we can customize any order and provide delivery, stacking, and double splitting services.

California Firewood | gather by the fire

Pine is a softwood that burns fast and is easily lit. Usually sold in mixed varieties, we recommend using it primarily as a starter wood. Pine is great firewood for bonfires or just the occasional camp fire. Pine has a low heat value of around 15.2 BTU.
Red Oak
Red Oak is a hardwood that burns long and hot. Red Oak will burn clean with embers and generate low smoke that has a pleasant smell. It’s great for smoking or grilling and leaves a savory taste on beef, pork, lamb, and other red meats. Red Oak can also be used for home heating. We recommend double splitting it and using it with a starter wood. Red Oak has a heat value of around 29.8 BTU.
White Oak
White Oak is a hardwood that burns long and hot. White Oak burns clean with embers, is non-popping, and generates low smoke that has a pleasant smell. White Oak is great for home heating, grilling, and smoking meats such as pork, poultry, and seafood. We suggest using it with a starter wood. Mesquite has a heat value of around 27.7 BTU.
Eucalyptus is a hardwood that burns long and hot. Eucalyptus generates more smoke than other woods and tends to pop and crackle. We recommend using it with a starter wood. Eucalyptus is a great alternative for house heating and has a heat value of around 33 BTU.
Piñon Pine
Piñon Pine is a medium fast starting softwood that is perfect for bonfires and fireplaces. Piñon Pine has a great pine scent and burns at a steady rate that’s not as fast as softwoods, and not as long as hardwoods. Can be used mixed with a hardwood or by itself. Piñon Pine has a heat value of around 29.8 BTU.
Almond is a hardwood that burns long and hot. Almond burns clean with embers, generates low smoke, is non-popping, and has a nutty smell. Good for cooking pork, seafood, poultry, and is great for smoking and for use in pizza ovens. We recommend double splitting it and using it with a starter wood. Almond has a heat value of around 33 BTU.

Avocado is a softwood that burns fast, easy, and is a great starter wood. Avocado burns cleaner than other soft or medium woods, generates medium smoke and has a fair smell. Can be used for general cooking and complements nicely as a starter wood. Avocado has a heat value of around 20.8 BTU.


Walnut is excellent firewood with medium density and is easy to burn. It´s good quality firewood that burns clean, is easy to start, and has a pleasant aroma. The BTU value is not as high as other hardwoods, such as OAK or ALMOND, but is much better than softwood, such as PINE. Walnut creates a very strong wood smoke and provides intense flavor on the short side of bitter. Ideal meats for Walnut are beef, pork and wild game.

“I love these folks! Every time I buy wood from them, they are courteous, prompt, and efficient. I’ve purchased several loads from them, and they make accurate measurements in determining the amount of wood that will fit in your vehicle. The quality of the product is excellent.” Steven W.

“Friendly, convenient service. You pull up and tell them what you want. Paid $25 for a wheelbarrow full of 1/2 Pinyon Pine & 1/2 Oak – a good combination for a strong fire. Nice and seasoned. They come and load your truck for you. Will definitely use again!” LisaSD S.

“Great place for firewood at a great price. Lots of variety and delivered 1/4 cord within a couple of hours. Paid with credit/debit card. Definitely our place for firewood. Thanks, Tito.” Joe F.

“Living in SD, we have the luxury of a string of beaches and parks, many of which have fire rings. Instead of paying by the bundle at my local grocery store, I checked this place out since I could see their huge forest-like inventory from the 94 freeway.” Charles B.

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